About Masumi Cherrie

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Who is MASUMI?

MASUMI is a child of both Japan and the US.  She was born in Palos Verdes, but then moved to Tokyo, New York, Washington DC, and finally Dallas – where she began her singing career by playing in local restaurants and cafes, just her and her guitar.  Despite her international living and musical talent, she had always thought of herself as an ordinary shy girl, living an ordinary life.
The death of a close friend suddenly changed that.
MASUMI fell into a deep depression for the next four years, manifesting in the loss of half of her hair.  She even quit music, returning to Japan to enroll in International Christian University (ICU), studying Psychology and Anthropology until the 2012 Earthquake devastated Japan.  She was trapped in an underground cafe in Tokyo when the 9.0 magnitude tremor almost buried everyone alive.  That day brought her much clarity of mind and heart, and she re-discovered her purpose in life: music.  She moved to LA a few months after, enrolling in the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM).
Since then, MASUMI has toured internationally in Sweden, NY, Italy, Tokyo; she has collaborated with Dorian Holly (Michael Jackson), JJ Blaire (Grammy Award-winning album), Triston Boston (Grammy-nominated producer), Nash Overstreet (Hot Chelle Rae), and Ichiro Suezawa (Warner Brothers, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Ke$ha), to name a few.  She has opened for Moby at NAMM, and worked with EA Games, the NYC Coffee Project Festival, and Youth Home organizations.
In 2016, her success even reached her home country: one of its most prestigious managers offered MASUMI the opportunity to become a Japanese pop star.  However, after much consideration, she turned the offer down – she needed to stay true to her path of creating her unique brand of music, music with the message of hope. She thus stayed in Los Angeles, releasing her single “Run Baby, Run” in 2018, which was picked up by various Spotify Official playlists.
In 2019, further success found her, as she was approached to be the star of her first film, “Yakuza Princess”.  The action thriller was shot over three months in Brazil, under the direction of Vicente Amorim.  Being fluent in both English and Japanese, MASUMI was perfectly selected to play the titular young lead.  More exciting, the film will also feature “Run Baby, Run”, allowing her to remain true to her musical roots while expanding her artistry to acting.
A lot of things are in motion, but MASUMI’s goal remains the same: to inspire ordinary people to pursue extraordinary dreams.
She is currently represented by BRS/Gage and Echelon Talent.

In 2014, MASUMI also toured in Japan performing her own music with band members Bruno Justi and Diego Ruvalcaba. The tour included the support of GRAMMY-nominated artist Nathan East.

EP Release / Welcome party for Nathan East in Tokyo
EP Release / Welcome party for Nathan East in Tokyo

After the tour, MASUMI returned to California to perform at the 2015 NAMM Show, where she opened for the keynote speech by Moby. She has spent the remainder of 2015 recording her 2nd EP, which will release in 2017.

With Moby at NAMM Foundation
With Moby at NAMM Foundation