About Masumi Cherrie

MASUMI creates music with the intention of giving hope to others. Her visceral songs are written to console, but also to uplift her audience with lyrical messages that connect all of us through our shared struggles in this tumultuous world of constant conflict.

One voice, one guitar, and a simple cover of “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” on youtube was played to 10,000 viewers. Her voice has a sense of realness that draws listeners in and truly communicates the emotion behind the words.
A Child of both the US and Japan, MASUMI was born in Palos Verdes, California.
 MASUMI moved to Japan when she was five years old, then moved back and forth to the U.S. living in New York, Washington, D.C. and Texas, and returned again to Japan for college where she studied Psychology and Anthropology at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan.
MASUMI’s life redirected towards music in 2011 when she personally experienced the devastating 2011 Tohoku Earthquake that shook her home country of Japan. She felt the 9.0 magnitude tremors while trapped in an underground cafe in Tokyo and watched on Japanese television as the subsequent tsunami washed away homes and lives in the Sendai region. The emotion of the experience brought MASUMI a clarity of mind and heart, and inspired her to pursue the art that made her feel alive. Driven by her passion to sing, she moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in Los Angeles College of Music.
After graduating Los Angles Music Academy (LAMA, now LACM), MASUMI tag teamed with a Swedish Singer song writer (Mona Najib) and stared performing original songs around Hollywood. After performing a number of shows, Dorian Holly (Michael Jackson), head of the vocal department of LAMA at the time, offered to produce their duo EP. Later the EP entitled “BLOOM” was produced by Dorian Holly and engineered by JJ Blaire (Grammy Award Winning Album). This led to their 1st EP release tour in Sweden in 2014/June.
Sessions and Collaborations
MASUMI continued on her solo journey while working with the duo band. Her trio band (MASUMI Trio) was selected to open for MOBY’s key not speech at the NAMM Show 2015.
Her ambition to work and absorb from the best artists in Los Angeles, brought many opportunities to work with Songwriters and Producers such as; Electro/pop Swedish band, Melpo Mene ( ), Triston Boston (Grammy Nominated producer ), Co-write with Pop Singer/songwriter Nash Overstreet (Hot Chelle Rae), and Co-write with producer Ichiro Suezawa (Warner Brothers, Bruno mars, Katy Perry Kesha)) to name a few.
Her passion also took her to many different work platforms and projects; from being hired to work with a major game company, EA Games and being a part of their training program, to performing amongst the coffee lovers for the NYC Coffee Project Festival, to supporting women’s rights at CSCW and to supporting future youth with the Youth Home organizations. MASUMI was recently hired to perform and talk about her music education and for the GenNext x College Music Society project founded by NAMM.
Japan Tour
MASUMI embarks on an unforgettable independent tour with her trio band to release her 1st EP in her home land, Tokyo/Japan in the end of 2014 . A month long tour included 10 shows. With the support of Japanese Pop star AI (“Story” ) in the crowed and a support of Grammy nominated artist NATHAN EASY and YAMAHA Executives at the private show. The trio focused on playing shows and recording the trio EP for 2015. The EP was released in 2016 titled  “Tokyo Tour EP”.
EP/Single Releases
2016 Tokyo Tour EP Release
2016 August. “Dear Friend” (electro/pop) single released. Selected by Pandora and several other independant music curators on Spotify.
2017 February “Down For This Love” (Folk/pop) single released.
2018 June Single Release for “Run Baby”
Big Offer and New Beginnings
In mid 2016, the singer/songwriter receives a thrilling offer by a prestigious management company in Japan. An independent management company that had build its empire with a single star was now looking for the next talent.The offer promised a distribution from major labels, a powerful team support, and arena tours in every city in Japan, most indie performer’s dream come true. After 6 months of deep consideration and multiple trips to Japan for meetings, MASUMI decides to remain in the states side. The long years of making decisions for her own Artistry life, told her that a star isn’t born over night. And her training days in the music mecca of los angeles wasn’t over yet. To pursuit the dream of becoming an international bridge between Japan and America, the grading work continued here.
Actor life
Early 2017, while in search of a music manager in LA, MASUMI randomly came across an audition for a FOX film. Having no knowledge about acting, the singer/songwriter auditioned for the random stream of opportunity. MASUMI recieved five callbacks from there and was considered as one of the runner ups for a Japanese role in a sequent movie called “Deadpool”. The miracle led to getting signed by Amuse, one of the major talent management company with 29 international branches world wide. MASUMI has since booked a commercial with Facebook, and appears in two music videos for a major artists such as Justin Timberlake, Bishop Briggs, and YouTube star Shae-lee Shackleford (SketchShe).
As her Artistry evolves slowly but surely, her song writing has been progressing over the years as well.
As a storyteller, MASUMI wanted to find a producer who can truly embody the vision, the growth, and the evolution that she has made through out the years. Who is MASUMI? and What is she here to say? The answers are in the single “Run Baby”: Produced and engineered by Marko Fazio, set to be released in June 2018. Stay tuned.
The ever blooming songstress is pulling herself up each hight to reach her full potential in every opportunity she gets. She is in full force than ever, eyes fixated on her goal, and ready to tell her stories.

In 2014, MASUMI also toured in Japan performing her own music with band members Bruno Justi and Diego Ruvalcaba. The tour included the support of GRAMMY-nominated artist Nathan East.

EP Release / Welcome party for Nathan East in Tokyo
EP Release / Welcome party for Nathan East in Tokyo

After the tour, MASUMI returned to California to perform at the 2015 NAMM Show, where she opened for the keynote speech by Moby. She has spent the remainder of 2015 recording her 2nd EP, which will release in 2017.

With Moby at NAMM Foundation
With Moby at NAMM Foundation